Vaccines: BioNTech estimates it can manufacture 2 billion doses in 2021

The German BioNTech estimates to be able to produce 2 billion doses of its anti-covid vaccine during the year 2021.


German biotechnology company BioNTech estimated on Monday to be able to produce “2 billion doses” of the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of 2021, significantly more than the previous target of 1.3 billion doses.

The German SME, associated with the American giant Pfizer, arrived at this new estimate by taking into account the “new standard” allowing the administration of 6 doses per vial instead of 5, according to a document posted on its website. BioNTech is also counting on “the expansion of its current facilities”, including the commissioning, expected in February, of another European production site in Marburg, Germany.

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