Rejection of the Alstom / Siemens merger: political reactions

The European Commission on Wednesday rejected the merger between Alstom and Siemens. Political reactions are raining down.

Here are the first political reactions after the veto opposed by the European Commission to the merger between the French Alstom and the German Siemens:

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– Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister: “The Commission’s decision is a bad decision. It is a bad blow to European industry. It seems to me to have been taken on a bad basis. (This is a) “extravagant” (and) extremely dated conception of the law. ” (in front of the National Assembly)

– Benjamin Griveaux, government spokesperson: “An economic and political fault (…) We must review competition law because it is no longer suitable, it will be put on the table for the European elections.” (at the end of the Council of Ministers)

– Gilles Le Gendre, leader of the group of LREM deputies: “Obviously there was a very nice project. The European Commission obviously considers that this poses competition problems. I think she has good reason to think so. Maybe that means we need to change the rules ”which, perhaps,“ aren’t great. ” (in the halls of the Assembly)

– France Insoumise: “In the global ocean, the + fish + of Europe will be devoured by the American, Chinese and Russian behemoths… The status quo is untenable (…) It is time to disobey treaties: the State must once again support and guide the national industry and a real protectionism of solidarity must be established in Europe. ” (tweet)

– Bernard Cazeneuve, former PS Prime Minister: “By preventing the birth of a European rail champion, the European Commission is showing a serious historical blindness to globalization (…) The Commission is being naïve. France and Germany, in the general European interest, must oppose the dogmatic and naive decision of the Commission. ” (tweet)

– Boris Vallaud, spokesperson for the PS and the PS group in the National Assembly: “The way in which this merger project between Alstom and Siemens was organized seemed to me to be improvised. I am surprised that the government is surprised itself to find itself confronted with the rules of competition (…) But we can regret that the rules of competition that Europe has imposed on itself prevent the emergence of European industrial giants. With the current competition rules, we would be unable to remake Airbus. ” (in front of the Association of Parliamentary Journalists)

– Agnès Firmin Le Bodo and Olivier Becht, spokesperson for the Agir party: “Blocking the Siemens-Alstom merger is a bullet that the European Commission is shooting in the foot of Europe, as China and the United States no longer hide their aggressive technological appetites.” (communicated)

– Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the UDI: “France and Germany are failing to get Europe back on track. The Commission has just blocked the emergence of a potential Airbus from European rail. It is a shame that the European Commission is playing China’s game on the Alstom / Siemens dossier. ” (on LCP)

– Damien Abad, vice-president of the Republicans (LR): “I think we’re missing out on something. I am one of those who defend the idea of ​​European industrial champions and I am one of those who think that competition policy is a means, a tool, not an end in itself, and that it should in no case put to use. badly a European industrial policy. (…) It’s a missed opportunity. ” (in the halls of the Assembly)

– Éric Woerth, LR president of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly: “The European Union needs companies of world size, (otherwise it risks) ending up quite naked by dint of naivety (…) There is a European law, the (European) Commission respects European law, therefore it wants say that we have to change European competition law. We must not only reason on European soil but also reason in global power struggles. ” (on CNews)

– Marine Le Pen, president of the National Gathering: “I am delighted that the wedding is not taking place. It was not a marriage, moreover, objectively, it was a donation that we made to Siemens of Alstom, which is a very large industry. It was a real scandal. ” (on franceinfo)

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